Are Half Helmets Safe – The Ultimate Safety Decision

A few days ago, I was searching for something in my garage and saw my two helmets. Among them is a full-face helmet from the 1970s and a half-face helmet from the 1980s. The half helmet made me wonder about their safety. Do motorcycle half helmets pose a safety risk? Not at all. Helmets that cover only half of the head are less safe than helmets that cover the whole head.

For the protection of other areas like your face and eyes, a half helmet requires additional accessories. Make sure you fully understand what you are buying a half helmet for in order to make the best and most confident decision. When it comes to choosing a helmet, you have many options. Let’s dig deep into it for a better understanding.

Are Half Helmets Safe or not?

Are Half Helmets Safe?

Motorcycle helmets are required in most states if you ride a motorcycle. A hard exterior shell is required by law so the helmet can withstand impact and penetration. A shock-absorbent cradle must also be installed on the helmet.

To guarantee protection in case of an accident, each helmet should be equipped with these safety components. Considering motorcycle half helmets do not provide full coverage, safety is an issue that needs to be addressed. Almost all of the area below a half helmet is exposed, while the top of the ears is covered.

How safe are half helmets?

A half helmet gives cruisers the freedom to hear the environment around them, which is why it is the most preferred type of helmet. Half helmets can be worn with sunglasses for a swankier appearance than full-face helmets. A half helmet can avoid serious head injuries in 36.8% of crashes.

A collision can commonly cause facial trauma if your face is exposed to danger. Considering how safe riders are on the road is determined by their experience and skills, it is not surprising that most experienced riders prefer to wear a half helmet.

In spite of this, motorcycle riders should always wear protective riding gear. No matter how experienced a biker is, accidents can happen to them. Full-face helmets offer better weather protection than motorcycle half helmets. Sleet and rain can cause harsh weather conditions at the expense of feeling the open air.

If you wear a half helmet, you are more likely to encounter flying objects, dust, smoke, and bugs. It can be uncomfortable to ride with these projectiles, and they also pose a danger to you.

When to use a half helmet?

Some motorcyclists, scooter riders, and drivers who are not going far from their homes use half helmets. Motorcyclists, and scooter riders, may wear half helmets when they don’t intend to travel far.

You may wish to wear a full-face helmet, which provides more protection if you ride in mountainous regions or if it’s raining heavily. Many manufacturers believe that a half helmet offers less protection because it does not have a separate shell. A half helmet protects against cuts and bruises when looked at from that angle.

Why Buy Half Face Helmets?

If you are interested to buy a half face helmet then you should know the following factors briefly explained below:


There is almost no difference between a half helmet and a full helmet in terms of fit. Half helmets allow the head to move freely because they have very little restriction.

A chin bar that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different heights is usually the only strap used to secure the helmet. Prescription frames can be inserted into half helmets that include removable templates.

If you don’t want the cushioning to get in the way of your vision, you don’t have to wear the straps. When it comes to motorcycle helmets, kids often choose half helmets. There are no restrictions on the kids’ movement when the masks are removed.

Sweat Management

When riding a motorcycle, motorcyclists sweat a lot. In order to ride at speeds above 45 mph, it is necessary to wear a heavy helmet that allows a cooling effect without slowing the speed. A foam layer provides enough cushioning in half helmets, making them lightweight and comfortable.

Cleaning will be further simplified with a chin bar. The washer will not need to take any extra precautions with half helmets when cleaning. The high comfort of this foam mattress does not compromise its durability, as it is unlike other foam mattresses.


Wind protection is the primary reason why half helmets are popular. Its round shape prevents air from funneling into the rider’s eyes from above. Air can also flow out of the helmet side through the cutout rather than going in. With a half helmet, riders enjoy many benefits due to its open, round shape.

Second, half helmets are more comfortable because they have adjustable vents. Depending on the size of the vents, a half helmet can be customized to fit the rider. You may have problems if the vents are too small or too big for your face.

There are many benefits to having an adjustable fitting. The vents on some half helmets are larger when the head is larger, while the vents on others are smaller when the head is smaller. With some half helmets, you can choose from a variety of options.


A small liner inside a half helmet usually disperses some of the crash forces when the helmet is struck. Collisions with the road will be less painful due to this. As a result, a person wearing a half helmet is less likely to suffer a head injury. It is impossible to know for sure in practice.

A half helmet is usually not reversible, so it can only be turned around. Wearing the liner, however, prevents the rider from turning his or her head backward. In addition, these helmets are often difficult to fold down. An impact may deform or crack the outer shell.

What to consider when choosing the best half helmet?

A good half helmet should not only look cool but should have other features as well. Some of the important factors to consider are the following:


The first thing you should consider is your safety. Although most half helmets aren’t built to prevent life-threatening brain injuries, they can certainly reduce the risk of them occurring in a collision. If you are riding for shorter distances and in low-risk situations, you should only wear a half helmet. As a result, you are less likely to be involved in an accident.

Quality of Helmet

If you are going to wear a half-helmet, consider its quality. Is it safe enough? Motorcyclists must wear helmets of any kind to protect themselves from injury. Consider the build quality, design, and material used in the construction of the helmet before making your decision. In addition, to withstand impact on hard surfaces, a good quality helmet will not suffer damage.

The Shape of your Head

Make sure the half helmet you choose is the right fit for your head shape. Different types of helmets are needed for different types of head shapes, such as ovals and rounds. Most of the time, round-headed individuals should choose half helmets.

Pass The Test

The specific conditions that must be met by dot half helmets to be approved include the capacity to absorb energy, the effectiveness of the retention system, and the ability to resist penetration. Furthermore, the helmet must have 105 degrees of peripheral vision away from the midline.

Affordable Price

You can buy a lot of cool motorcycles and half helmets at an affordable price point. Classy and easily accessible, these helmets offer a great deal of value. A half helmet is your best option for protecting your head while cruising. In addition to looking cool, it will also protect your most vulnerable parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which is better a half or full-face helmet?

Nevertheless, a half helmet is a good option if you’re a more conservative rider and plan to travel at relatively slow speeds. With a half-helmet, you can feel the sights and sounds of the ride more easily than with a full-face helmet.

What is the safest helmet to wear?

Motorcycle helmets with full faces are the safest and most effective. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of motorcycle helmets available on the market today. The safest kind of motorcycle helmet to buy is a full-face helmet, so limiting the choices should be easier.

Are skull cap helmets safe?

Helmets that offer limited protection, such as half helmets, brain buckets, and skull caps, are commonly used. As they only cover the head to the point that they qualify as “caps,” they have significant impact resistance to them. There are many different opinions on these helmets, and you are the one who will make a choice.

Wrapping Up

In order to ride cool, safety should always come first. Around the world, motorcycle accidents are the leading cause of traffic accidents. You should choose your helmet according to the riding conditions, even if you know what you’re doing.

One full helmet should be kept as a spare, at least. So, are half helmets really safe? I agree, and I disagree. There’s no doubt it’s better than not wearing one, but it’s not good compared to the full-face helmet. Comment below and let us know what you think. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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