How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing Helmet – 6 Hacks Guide

You can always keep yourself safe when riding a bike by wearing a helmet. However, it can seriously damage your hair’s appearance if worn for long hours. The most common result is a dreadful hairstyle.

Bikers know how unpleasant it is to arrive at work with messy hair. In addition, it is a hassle to fix your hairstyle every time you ride. Therefore, this article will provide you with simple solutions for maintaining a stylish hairstyle while wearing a helmet.

How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing Helmet

6 Best Hacks To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing Helmet

Some countries like the UK don’t require bicycle riders to wear helmets, but it significantly improves safety. However, wearing a helmet every day or for prolonged periods will severely damage your hair’s health and look.

Helmets can lead to hair loss and more frequent problems such as damaged locks, hair falling out, and scalp problems. For this reason, preventing helmet hair is just as important as caring for your appearance.

Here are multiple hacks to maintain your hairstyle while wearing a helmet.

1. Maintain clean and healthy hair

Many of the issues riders experience when wearing a helmet can be prevented if they follow a regular hair and scalp care routine. Regardless of your routine, the helmet should always be cleaned, but consider how much sweat accumulates inside the helmet.

This can cause particles to accumulate in the hair root, driving conditions like hair loss and dandruff to worsen. Make sure you use a natural shampoo regularly to keep your hair oil-free.

In addition, you can keep the roots and ends of your hair healthy by using natural moisturizers like coconut oil or aloe vera. Anyhow, your hair should be dry before you wear a helmet.

2. Consider a new hairstyle

A bike-friendly haircut might be necessary if you ride every day. Helmets can now be worn with many short hairstyles, including undercuts with a side part. Additionally, the best advice for riders with short hair is to brush their hair upward or backwards rather than sideways.

If you’d like to keep your long hair even when you switch to a bike commute routine, you should avoid a fringe since they are more challenging to maintain. Furthermore, low buns, side ponytails, and braids can be used to support a hairstyle for riders with long hair.

Below are some recommendations for men’s and women’s hairstyles that you can use.

Men’s hairstyles suitable for helmets

  • Crew Cut
  • Gradient Hair Cut
  • Short Hairstyle

Women’s hairstyles suitable for helmets

  • Braided or Twisted Buns
  • Loose or Braided Ponytails
  • The Half-Up Tuck
  • Classic Bun
  • The Plait
  • Low Ponytail

3. Choose the Right Helmet

The helmet’s incorrect head size can interfere with the ability to maintain a hairstyle, even if there’s nothing wrong with your hair. The wrong size helmet can hinder your hairstyle and cause headaches when it’s too tight or painful when it’s too loose.

Overly tight helmets can cause the hair roots to disconnect from the scalp, leading to traction alopecia. It is not extremely common, but it can lead to a receding hairline and gradual hair loss.

Therefore, you should pick a helmet that fits your head correctly in size, aerodynamics, ventilation, price, and price weight. In addition, ensure that the helmet you wear is not too small or too large.

4. Maintain a Clean Helmet

In our experience, sweat and dirt tend to collect on the inside of bike helmets. In addition, dandruff can worsen and damage your hair due to exposing your clean hair to the layer of body oil and dust.

If your hairstyle has just been styled, the moisture and sweat on the helmet might ruin the style. Instead, maintain your helmet correctly by cleaning it regularly and placing it upside down in an area with steady air circulation.

When you wear a helmet with wet hair, you can get headaches and dandruff and long-term scalp issues. So make sure you do not wear your helmet with damp hair. If your hair is not dry, you can use a hairdryer.

5. Put a cloth inside your helmet

Maintaining clean and sweat-free helmet padding is not always possible. You can cover your head with a headscarf or a hat to prevent such bad hair. However, simple cotton or silk cloth placed inside the helmet can significantly reduce the friction between the padding and your hair.

The cloths can also be easily washed once they have absorbed sweat and have become less effective. Be sure to use a clean and dry fabric if you have chosen this solution. You may think of this as an essential motorcycle helmet hair accessory.

6. Carry a Comb

You should carry a small brush or comb with you. If you want, you can brush your hair a little or use your hands to do so as you remove the helmet and cloth. After the ride, you can try this small hairbrush if you need a quick touch. Now your hair will have a perfect look.

Long Term Issues Faced Due To Messy Hair

If you wear a helmet for a long time, your hair will become flat and brittle, ultimately damaging your hair. As a result, you’ll face these problems:

1. Extreme Hair Loss

When you wear a helmet, it puts constant pressure on your hair roots; they become weakened, ultimately resulting in the hair roots being pulled out. When this happens, you can experience baldness or Alopecia.

2. Sweating, Dryness, Or Extra Moisture

When we wear helmets, we sweat a lot and experience a flaky or dry scalp. The result will be dandruff and considerable hair loss.

3. Challenging To Manage Your Hair

Once you have flat hair, you will have difficulty styling it in the future, as it is challenging to manage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does a helmet mess up your hair?

In short: yes. Although medical science has proven that you will not lose your hair if you wear a helmet for long periods. However, contaminants, sweat, and moisture generated by the helmet will cause traction of Alopecia & hair loss.

Does a helmet cause dandruff?

No, it doesn’t. Instead, use anti-dandruff products to maintain your hair’s smoothness & reduce the stickiness of dirt or sweat which can accumulate on motorcycle helmets.

Is Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet Bad For Your Hair?

It will pull out the roots of your hair in the direction that your helmet is moving. Therefore, proper fitting helmets are advised. It is known that wearing helmets for long periods can lead to Alopecia.

How to take care of hair while wearing a helmet?

Wear a cotton scarf on your head before wearing a helmet. It will help you in two ways. First of all, it absorbs all the sweat produced on the scalp and reduces hair loss effectively. Don’t forget to keep the cloth clean at all times.

Are there any helmets that don’t mess up hair?

No, there aren’t any such helmets. That isn’t true. It is still possible to cause excessive damage to your hair even if you do not wear a helmet. In the end, avoiding helmet hair is only possible if you wash or style your hair.


A polished look is essential in the office, at important meetings, or social events. Unfortunately, helmets don’t allow you to go wherever with a messy hairstyle. You’ll save yourself from unexpected personality damage by following our tips on maintaining your hairstyle while wearing a helmet. So, keeping your helmet clean can also enhance the appearance of your hair after a bike ride.

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