How To Wear A Bike Helmet Properly? – Top 5 Tips

Many readers have asked how to wear a bike helmet correctly, and this below-mentioned guide will give you an exact answer. Wearing it improperly will prevent the helmet from fulfilling its desired purpose. It needs to sit on your head perfectly. If it covers most of your forehead and rests an inch above your eyebrows, it means you have worn it correctly.

In addition, avoid tilting it back towards your hairline. All in all, you have to wear this safety gear low and make it rest on your forehead. A properly worn helmet will function appropriately and adequately, and your journey tends to remain safe. The rest of the details regarding how to wear a bike helmet are mentioned below:

How to wear a bike helmet properly

Tips to wear a bike helmet properly

  • Most importantly, you should adjust your helmet’s fitting part. Tighten up its ratchet system and make it fit and secure looking as much as possible. If its ratchet system is fitted and secured up to the mark, it means the helmet will remain snugged around your head circumference.
  • A properly worn helmet ensures minimal movement and does not shake your head too much. In fact, it keeps your head in a comfortable position.
  • Moreover, adjusting and setting the straps remains essential for the rider. Adjust the straps that are present around your head sides and your chin.
  • Tighten up the chin strap and make sure to tuck it securely and firmly under your chin. The strap should not come out dangly and loose.

Tips On How Not To Wear A Bike Helmet

Below you can see further details that tell us about the major don’ts when wearing and positioning a helmet:

1. Stop wearing the helmet too far back from your forehead

You should not be wearing the helmet too far back from your forehead. If you do so, that is a highly incorrect way of putting on this safety gear! Avoid tilting it too much backward. When wearing it, your forehead should be less exposed. Overall, the helmet needs to sit level on the top section of your head.

2. Avoid wearing too small size or too much large size helmets

If it is a loose helmet, you cannot wear it properly. So, get a tailored and close-fitted helmet. If its size is too small, it means it will definitely give you an uncomfortable wearing time. A small-sized helmet fails to sit on your head appropriately.

On the other hand, large-sized helmets are even messier and troublesome to wear. They simply roll about, fail to protect your head, and even reach below your eyebrows. Their large size prevents you from seeing properly on the road.

3. Never wear a thick hat beneath your helmet

The riders should not wear a thick hat underneath this safety gear. If they do so, their helmet misses the mark to sit perfectly on their head. A thick hat worn under your helmet is not at all a safe move. If it is cold outside and it is essential to put on a hat, go with thinner hats, or put on ear coverings.

4. Reconsider styling your hair

Reconsider styling your hair if you are going on a bike ride and the helmet is not getting fit because you have made a high bun. Come up with a hairstyle that matches with helmet mechanism. And you will definitely no longer see any trouble while wearing and fitting this safety gear on your head. It is best to make a sleek hairstyle or low ponytail. The more complex your style will be, challenging your job will become while positioning and adjusting the helmet o your head.

More ways on wearing a bike helmet properly

  • You have to constantly make sure that your helmet straps are appropriately adjusted or not. If they look too loose, they are less likely to stay and remain there in an optimal position. So, the best way is to adjust them and constantly check them.
  • You should not wear the helmet from back to front; it is believed to be a highly incorrect way of wearing it. Please put it on from the front to back because experts have marked this orientation as the best practice. If you put it on from back to front, then adjustment issues will come.

The significance of wearing a helmet correctly

We all know that helmets reduce the risk and overall danger of serious injury. They keep your head, neck, and skull bones protected from unfortunate events. In addition, the recently conducted Meta-analysis has proven that a properly worn helmet increase the safety and security scale than putting on a helmet inappropriately.

If this safety gear sits squarely, fitted adequately, and gives a snug fit job to your head, it means you will have a hassle-free, smooth and comfortable riding time. Experts have recommended wearing a helmet correctly because this safety gear loses its protective qualities without proper fitting or inadequate positioning.


We hope that the above-written guide has conveyed to you all dos and don’ts on how to wear a bike helmet! You can share how you wear this safety gear and what important factors you always consider. If wearing a helmet is a must, it is also mandatory for the rider to put it on correctly.

Its positioning, fitting, and adjustment should remain up to the mark. Wear it from front to back, adjust its straps; make it reach above your eyebrows and less expose your forehead. None of us denies that helmets keep us safer from crashes, falls, shocks and collisions, but a properly worn helmet doubles our safety chances.

Thus, wear a helmet and make sure it needs to fit and be appropriately positioned on your head. Stay tuned with us to share more interesting information on bikes, helmets, and other related safety gear with the readers.

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