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According to medical research, it has become crucially important for babies to wear helmets for the sake of curing and naturally treating flat head syndrome and craniosynostosis.

This issue gets fixed on its own if this practice is going to be embraced by parents. When your child reaches 5 years, this issue gets solved. And he no longer experiences positional plagiocephaly or craniosynostosis.

Wearing a helmet keeps the skull shape of your baby properly. Below you can see more of the details of these medical conditions and how they are treated with helmet therapy. It will indeed work for your baby, and no adverse side effects are there. In case of any questions, you can ask from us any time.

Why do babies have to wear helmets

Why is there a need for babies to wear helmets?

Unquestionably, the practice of wearing helmets by babies should not be disregarded. It ensures to cure positional plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis. This whole practice is given the name of helmet therapy, or you can call it cranial orthosis. It treats unusual head shapes which remain commonly seen among babies.

So, if you notice that baby head shape looks somewhat awkward, put on a helmet, and you will definitely see results in less time. Adult skulls are hard, but babies’ skulls are softer, and their unusual skull shapes get adequately formed with the help of this helmet therapy.

The practice of wearing a helmet correctly fuses their skull bones. Their skull bones start to develop irregularly, and your baby ends up getting properly shaped heads. Thus, a helmet correctly shapes their heads and prevents future health issues.

Which medical condition is treated if your baby wears a helmet?

Helmet therapy treats conditions like flat head syndrome and craniosynostosis. It makes sure that the skull shape of your baby remains in the correct position. In addition, your baby’s head’s shape no longer looks unusual and awkward.

1. It treats plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly can be treated if you make this practice mandatory for your baby to wear a helmet. This condition is often named flat head syndrome. In such a medical condition, the baby’s head becomes flat, and the skull plates become soft. Though it is not a risky medical condition, it is better to treat it beforehand before it worsens.

Wearing a helmet ensures a baby’s brain development. Its common symptom is that your child’s head will appear flat. Thus, neurological surgeons have issued this guide to make your babies wear a helmet for natural treating flat head syndrome. Opt for this practice when your babies reach the age of 6 to 8 months.

2. It treats craniosynostosis

The medical condition craniosynostosis can be treated in babies if you make them wear helmets. It is a common condition in which your baby’s cranial bones get fused too soon. In addition, this medical condition happens because of a genetic syndrome.

The early fusion of cranial cones does not allow your baby’s brain to grow properly. He eventually gets an unusual skull shape, and his brain grows in a limited and constricted area. The most common symptoms of craniosynostosis include the uneven shape of the skull, abnormal fontanel, raised and hard edges of skull bones, and abnormal head growth.

So, to treat craniosynostosis, put helmets on your babies. Instead of going for any other surgical treatment, it is recommended to embrace this practice. It does work and brings your baby’s skull shape and brain growth back in order.

The design and construction of helmets specifically meant for babies

These helmets remain designed and constructed differently than the rest of the helmets meant for riding, biking, and snowboarding purposes.

  • Licensed physicians or certified pediatric orthotics prescribes such helmets.
  • The baby’s head measurements are taken. A plaster mold of his head gets created, and then the helmet is designed and developed accordingly. In addition, a customized helmet is made so that the respective medical condition gets adequately treated.
  • Most importantly, they are composed of a hard exterior shell and injected with a foam interior.
  • The foam padding places gentle pressure on your baby’s head’s protruding side and makes the flattened side disappears. Thus, these helmets remain meant to reshape the skull and ensure brain growth.

For much time do babies have to wear these helmets?

Around and about 23 hours a day are required! Parents should only take off these helmets from their babies’ heads while they need a bath or get dressed. We know that the duration looks a bit lengthy, but you have to abide by it.

The regular follow-up of this rule guarantee to properly reshape your baby’s skull, and he eventually gets rid of this medical condition. If the helmet therapy gets left in the middle, no desired results will be given to you. Moreover, the skull bones will once again get deformed.

The total span of this therapy is approximately three months. You can certainly make it shorter if you make your baby wear a helmet each day, and that too for 23 hours a day.

Helmet therapy and babies- the guarantee to treat flat head syndrome and craniosynostosis

Thus, the wise way for treating craniosynostosis and positional plagiocephaly is to make your babies wear helmets for three months. Softer skull bones are easy to treat and operate. That is why helmet therapy is introduced for babies instead of treating their deformed skull bones and limited brain growth through surgical procedures.

Helmet therapy reshapes your baby’s head. If you think physical therapies are not working, opt for this practice. It validates to cure the flat head syndrome, craniosynostosis. In addition, it pushes the flat spot to get round out and adequately form the skull plates.

It is undoubtedly an excellent and highly effective treatment for babies who have abnormal skull shapes. This respective treatment is only prescribed for infants and not for adults. To all parents concerned about why their baby’s brain is not developing and why the flattened side has appeared! In such messy medical conditions, helmet therapy remains recommended.

If you will not treat these conditions, there is a likelihood that your baby’s skull shape will remain abnormal permanently. He will get restricted brain growth for the rest of his life.


We hope that all parents have understood what the possible way is for treating flat head syndrome and craniosynostosis. You need to take care of your babies responsibly and never show even minor negligence and carelessness if you spot flat head conditions, deformed skull bones, or restricted brain growth in them.

Helmet therapy does work wonders, and you can certainly opt for it if medical or other surgical and physical therapies are not working on your baby. These are custom-made helmets, and the total duration of this therapy lasts three months. Each day, your baby should wear a helmet for approximately 23 hours a day.

Thus, it is time to cure positional plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis before this medical condition becomes tougher to treat. Fix this issue on your own and convey to us whether this therapy worked for your baby or not. Stay tuned for more updates. Just makes your babies’ health and life super safe and sound and avoid showing carelessness!

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