How To Clean A Motorcycle Helmet? Exclusive Stepwise Guide

Dirty and gross-looking helmets seem unimpressive to wear. So, what to do? Here you can know how to clean a motorcycle helmet, and with the follow-up of this guide, you will be in a position to make your muddy and filthy helmets look spic and span.

Cleaning their exterior and interior sides keeps your riding time comfortable and enjoyable. In addition, cleaning the padding will limit noise and guard your hearing. Let us all take out our muddy helmets and give them a 360-degree cleaning job professionally!

How to clean a motorcycle helmet

What are the best ways to clean a motorcycle helmet?

It is possible to clean a helmet in a number of ways. Many people do a quick cleaning job after a ride, while others prefer doing a thorough clean-up. So, learn how to clean both the interior and exterior of the Helmet easily.

How to clean the exterior side of your motorcycle helmet?

Cleaning the exterior side of your bike helmet has become a piece of cake. A few of the steps are needed, and you can bring a crystal clear shine on this respective side of your helmets.

Doing a quick post-ride cleaning job

  • The first step is to carry out a post-ride cleaning job. Wet a paper towel and lay it on your helmet exterior. You can also use a microfiber cloth for softening the debris left by the bugs.
  • Most importantly, its exterior side should be regularly cleaned. No dead bugs’ debris should be there. There seems a possibility that dead bugs will ruin and instantly damage the overall finishing of your safety gear.
  • Take another piece of cloth and scrub the exterior surface until and unless it starts to shine. You can use a motorcycle-specific cleaner to remove stubborn dust and debris.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals. It would be best if you do not use window cleaners and dish soaps as both are risky and damaging for your helmets.

Doing a deep cleaning

  • It is always recommended to give a deep cleaning job to your bike helmet. Take a wet microfiber cloth and rub it on your helmet’s exterior. This hack will help you soften the dirt.
  • You can even wash the exterior by removing the visor. If you think that this safety gear has been jam-packed with a lot of mud, dirt, and filth, it is better to wash it.
  • Use a microfiber cloth and soak it in the mild soapy solution. Start wiping away the dirt. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to make the helmet’s exterior surface cleaner.

How to clean the visor of a motorcycle helmet?

The visor is the most delicate part of your bike helmet, so clean it carefully. They are coated with unique and exclusive coatings. You should not harshly and roughly clean these visors; otherwise, their quality will get damaged.

Most importantly, visors prevent fogging, and you should not clean this helmet part with harsh chemicals. Use a mild soap, wet the visor, and wash it by slowly rubbing your fingers on it. Lastly, rinse it and dry it using a soft microfiber cloth.

How to clean the interiors of bike helmets?

You can go through the details that tell you how to correctly clean and wash the interiors of your helmet. The process is easy to follow; likewise, you clean the exteriors of this safety gear:

Remove the padding and liners

While cleaning the interiors, you have first to remove the liner. In addition, remove the padding and keep these elements secure in a mesh garment bag. Toss this padding and lining in the washing machine, wash them on the delicate setting, and air dry.

You should never and ever use a hairdryer for drying the lining. If you do so, the glues holding the liner will get damaged.

What to do if the liners and padding could not be removed?

If it gets more challenging for you to remove the liner, you can still clean it. Take a clean piece of cloth and a bowl filled with soapy water. Remove all components from the lining like a Bluetooth headset communication system.

Start scrubbing its interior. You can even saturate the liner as long as you are cleaning it. The last step is to take out all the soapy solution from the liners, and let it air dry.

Let the padding and liners get air-dry

For making the padding and liner completely wet-free, you can press them hard and see if any water is still left there. The minute you have cleaned your motorcycle helmet’s exterior and interior sides, give it excellent air circulation.

Avoid leaving it in the sun; its finishing, shine, and quality might get destroyed if you do so. The other way is to keep it in front of the fan and allow it to try. Lastly, while cleaning the interiors, you should be using only those cleaners meant and manufactured for helmets.

Harsh chemicals will indeed destroy its quality and texture, so carefully choose the cleaner or detergent and take guidance from the shopkeeper if you cannot make any decision.


Hence, this is how you can clean the exterior and interior sides of your motorcycle helmet. If you still have any questions about this cleaning process, let us know. Filthy and muddy-looking safety gear is such a mess to wear. There is no point in riding on a hi-fi-looking bike if your helmet is surrounded by debris and dirt.

So, make it a regular practice to clean your hamlets. A quick cleaning job will make them shine and look new once again. Polishing their exterior is also a must for riders. While cleaning them, give special attention and carefully handle the visor and other delicate surfaces. Avoid damaging the liners and padding and wash it up with a mild soapy solution.

More this safety gear will look clean and 100% polished, more you will enjoy your riding time. Your helmet has to look and smell impressive, and that is only possible if you follow the above-mentioned cleaning guide. To all motorcyclists, make your helmets look new one more time and share with us your cleaning ideas and hacks as well.

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