Best Ballistic Helmet Reviews – Real Life Experience of Bulletproof Helmets

With this article, we’re sharing our list of some of the best ballistic helmets, along with answers to commonly asked questions about choosing combat headgear that is the best for you. A quality helmet that meets NIJ/military standards and has been thoroughly tested serves the same purpose as a bulletproof vest.

Read on if you’re interested in learning more about this vital piece of ballistic protection or if you’re looking to expand your knowledge. When worn by soldiers during combat, this kind of headgear protects the head from shrapnel, bullets, glass, and the like. As opposed to “ballistic helmets,” these terms are sometimes called “bulletproof helmets” or “tactical headgear.”

Everyday citizens, from bikers to construction workers, use helmets. In combat or other violent situations, they typically cover your head with multiple layers of ballistic protection material. You should consider investing in them if you work in an environment where objects may fly at your head (intentionally or otherwise)! Check out our detailed guide on the best ballistic helmet for more information.

Best Ballistic Helmet Reviews

Best Ballistic Helmet Reviews

Comparison List Of Top 10 Best Ballistic Helmet

1) Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet4.6

1) Jadedragon Ballistic HelmetBest Overall

  • What’s Unique: Its adjustable and removable internal padding allows you to comfortably wear it
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2) ATAIRSOFT Ballistic Helmet4.5

2) ATAIRSOFT Ballistic HelmetBest Runner Up

  • What’s Unique: ABS is lightweight and comfortable thanks to its excellent quality
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3) LOOGU Ballistic Helmet4.5

3) LOOGU Ballistic HelmetBest Durable

  • What’s Unique: A replaceable leather front, side, and nape pad with OCC-dial adjustable fits the head perfectly.
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4) EMERSONGEAR Ballistic Helmet4.5

4) EMERSONGEAR Ballistic HelmetBest Comfortable

  • What’s Unique: Its lightweight, ventilated, and independently disassembled design is achieved through the high-quality foam.
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5) OneTigris Ballistic Helmet4.4

5) OneTigris Ballistic HelmetBest For Ventilation

  • What’s Unique: Additional head comfort is provided by sponge padding
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6) Outry Ballistic Helmet4.4

6) Outry Ballistic HelmetBest For Outdoor

  • What’s Unique: Loop panels on this helmet will give it a stylish look
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7) DLP Ballistic Helmet4.4

7) DLP Ballistic HelmetBest For Heavy Duty

  • What’s Unique: Adaptable worm dial liner for any skull size or shape
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8) HYOUT Ballistic Helmet4.3

8) HYOUT Ballistic HelmetBest Lightweight

  • What’s Unique: A comfortable fit is guaranteed by chin/neck pads and adjustable suspender straps
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9) Lancer Ballistic Helmet4.3

9) Lancer Ballistic HelmetBest For Night Vision

  • What’s Unique: A Velcro sticker will allow light and patch attachments to be completely secure
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10) ActionUnion Ballistic Helmet4.2

10) ActionUnion Ballistic HelmetBest For Money

  • What’s Unique: It is comfortable to wear because of the large ventilation holes
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1. Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet – Best Overall

Jadedragon Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • It is an adjustable helmet as its neck/chin pad makes it best for fitting
  • It is easy to wear and makes you comfortable due to its adjustable and removable internal padding
  • It is best for rock climbing, cycling, CS game, airsoft and paintball
  • It comes with tactical goggles and an ear mask that provides you with protection

Key Specifications

Size23 inches x 26 inches
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystrene, Mesh
Available Color2
Recommended Uses ForTactical, Cycling

The major thing that differentiates this helmet from other models is the level of comfort. It provides you 360o all-round protection while playing games like paintball. You will not find a helmet that comes with tactical goggles and a tactical ear mask other than this helmet model.  Moreover, it is lightweight and can be adjusted easily due to adjustable suspender straps.

This helmet is one of the best helmets that come with a fully adjustable helmet strap. You can buy them for teenagers and adults. We can call it a perfect combination set that comes with a tactical ear mask and goggles. You are provided with all-around protection where your head is fully protected.

The practical value of this helmet is very high. You can wear this helmet to play different types of games such as paintball or cosplay. You will not be disappointed after purchasing this helmet as it is worth it.

The additional functionality of this helmet includes an NVG shroud and Bungee retention for NVG. It comes with a night vision device, visor, camera, flashlight, strobe battery pack, and many more features that make it a quality product.

The hook and loop panels of this helmet add more value to it and make it adorable such as safety lights, nametapes, IFF, blood type patch, morale patch, etc. The eye mask is made of steel material with the addition of soft padded nylon fabric.


  • Made of ABS plastics and EPS anti-seismic foam plastic sponge padding
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Suitable for different types of games


  • Only fits the one with a head circumference of 56 to 61 cm.
  • Restricted for survival games only

2. ATAIRSOFT Ballistic Helmet Best Runner Up

ATAIRSOFT Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Made up of excellent quality ABS, which makes it lightweight and comfortable
  • The integrated set of the NVG mount makes it compatible with most of the GoPro mount styles.
  • Side rails can fit well with a variety of accessories
  • Fits for head circumference of about 59cm (23 inches)or below

Key Specifications

Size59cm (23 inches)
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Available Color5
Recommended Uses ForOutdoor, Tactical, Paintball

Someone recommended ATAIRSOFT when I read the Shellback Tactical Helmet review. In terms of sturdiness and comfort, this maritime helmet is one of the best I’ve worn.

Even after extended use, the Halo system doesn’t cause me any headaches despite providing a tight grip on my head. It works well in conjunction with the padding. Communication wire was installed through the interior, and there was still room to wear the jacket comfortably.

It allows me to finely adjust the helmet by using the knob on the back of the helmet. Wallet multi-tool and free patches are also included, so what’s not to like? Fortunately, the patches were attached well to the helmet and stayed put.

The features it offers are impressive. You can slide down the goggles before starting the game to protect your eyes. You can also use this multifunctional helmet for cycling while participating in tactical activities.

This hat has an internal width of 6.69 inches (17cm) and an internal length of 8.66 inches (22cm) which is not ideal for large heads but is suitable for small ones. An NVG mount is also built-in to work with most GoPro NVG-style mounts. A Velcro patch or nameplate can also be attached. One multifunctional card is also included.

With a weight of only 1.45 pounds, this helmet is pretty lightweight. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied! You will get a great deal if you consider its low price.

As it wraps around my chin on both sides, the chin strap fits perfectly on me. Using this helmet for long hours is easy on my neck because it is as lightweight as my old Top Gentle helmet. In addition to its exceptionally durable feel, the ABS shell can withstand any bumps or falls during a mission.

Although this helmet is designed for heads 7 to 38 inches in size, the helmet may not fit heads larger than that. Overall, the ATAIRSOFT Maritime Helmet will not injure the wearer when bumped or blown on the head. Helmets with fine-tuning knobs and chin straps provide a comfortable fit.


  • A secure, comfortable fit by the halo system and padding
  • If routed with communications wire, there might be plenty of room
  • Adjustments can be fine-tuned with a bit of knob
  • Features a wallet tool and free helmet patches
  • The chin straps fit well and are lightweight and comfortable
  • The ABS shell is quite a lot sturdy against the impact


  • Size might not at all fit large heads

3. LOOGU Ballistic Helmet – Best Durable

LOOGU Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • It is a PJ-type helmet that is made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • It comes with an OCC-dial adjustable fit band with replaceable side, nape, and front leather pads.
  • It is a lightweight helmet that makes it easy to carry
  • There are holes in it for ventilation that make it worth it.

Key Specifications

Weight22.4 inches to 23.5 inches
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Available Color8

You can clearly see the difference between the other bulletproof helmets of LOOGU and this helmet. It is one of the best helmets that are durable and comfortable. It is best for outdoor activities like climbing and hunting. Its unique design also makes it different from other helmets.

The use of high-quality ABS plastic increases the value of this helmet and makes it durable. Its construction has been done using hard polymer material which is best for people with a head circumference of 22.4 inches to 23.5 inches.

It is a lightweight helmet that comes with an adjustable fit band and ultra-comfortable liner carry bag. You will see that there is replaceable leather used in the side, front, and nape pads. You can easily adjust it as it comes with adjustable straps.

Its lightweight design lets you feel there is nothing on your head and you are free. Plus, you are provided with more protection when performing outdoor activities like CS games, hunting, and many other similar activities. This helmet is available in different colors and styles which makes it worth it. You can buy any of them depending upon your needs, requirements, and preferences.


  • Use of high-quality plastic
  • Lightweight and remarkably ventilated.
  • Fully adjustable and perfect for outdoor activities
  • Provides a high level of protection
  • Available at affordable prices


  • Size might not at all fit large heads

4. EMERSONGEAR Ballistic Helmet – Best Comfortable

EMERSONGEAR Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Comfortable chin strap
  • It is possible to install a night vision system on the front rails
  • All kinds of accessories fit tactical side rails
  • A replacement set of internal pads and headbands is available
  • The high-quality foam is used inside the helmet. The helmet is lightweight, ventilated, and disassembled independently.

Key Specifications

Available Color11
Vehicle Service TypeTactical, Ballistic 

In the industry, this is one of the top tactical gear manufacturers. Users love it. This helmet is known to be nicely made and great for the sake of customization. It’s made of ABS plastic that’s heavy-duty. Helmets come in one size that fits any individual, with an adjustable chin and head strap.

Reviewers overwhelmingly found it to be very comfortable, lightweight, and adjustable. Additionally, it has a tactical edge in airsoft or paintball games. Velcro straps are not included, but you can easily add them to customize. As long as the straps are correctly adjusted, you’ll feel comfortable and lightweight on your head. There are two colors available, and it weighs about 2 pounds.

I can also use it with my plain-looking tactical helmets since it fits almost any helmet. In addition to the appearance of the camo print, the cloth cover can be removed and washed easily.

By covering my ears, this helmet provides better head protection. In addition, it protects my sides from blows, leaving me unscathed after a grueling airsoft battle. I fit my comms gear and eye-protection gear on this unit.

I’m surprised at how durable the plastic construction is. The helmet has an adjustable strap and can easily fit children’s heads and stay in place. Additionally, it’s light enough to use my nephews for paintball.


  • Construction of ABS plastic for sturdiness
  • Chinstrap that can be adjusted to fit any head size
  • A variety of colors are available, including attractive black and OD green


  • Ballistic ability is not present.
  • Straps are not durable in quality.

5. OneTigris Ballistic Helmet – Best For Ventilation

OneTigris Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Loopholes all around provide the helmet with extra comfort when wearing
  • Adjustable suspender straps and chin/neck pad for excellent fitting
  • Accessory rail connectors are available for quick attachment
  • Sponge padding gives extra comfort to the head

Key Specifications

Size22-24 inch
Inner MaterialSponge
Available Color3
Recommended Uses ForAirsoft

A well-known tactical gear manufacturer on the market is OneTigris. Their latest product is a MICH 2000 helmet. In addition to their reputation for quality work, OneTigris wishes everyone a happy life in the outdoors.

It has several incredible features. Your first impression of this product will be influenced by its non-frosted appearance. With the OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet, you can add additional accessories such as flashlights, GoPros, COM headsets, batteries, and many more.

This best ballistic helmet’s internal sponge padding provides more comfort. The neck and straps can be adjusted for a custom fit. This lightweight tactical helmet works excellent with my low-profile goggles since I need to protect my eyes during the game. This worked well for my airsoft game. The helmet stayed in place during my run around the area and didn’t bobble.

The helmet will not disappoint you whether you play airsoft, paintball, or cosplay with your friends. It comes in four different colors for you to choose from. My head and chin fit perfectly with adjustable straps on both sides. The interior padding is my favorite since it provides a nice cushion from head blows. Unfortunately, I did not fall because I ran through a pine tree branch.

I mount my favorite over-ear headset and camera on the side rails to film my airsoft games. The helmet is similar to a Kevlar helmet, but it’s plastic, so it’s easier on your neck. The helmet’s above-the-ear (ATE) design ensures it doesn’t get too hot during games in humid weather conditions.


  • Durable ABS engineering plastics
  • Comfortable interior padding that is self-adjustable
  • Adding more accessories to the side rail
  • Paintballs and airsoft games are perfect for this


  • Helmet railings do not grip headlamps perfectly.
  • This helmet is not at all ideal for the actual combat situation.

6. Outry Ballistic Helmet – Best For Outdoor

Outry Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Made up of durable ABS-engineered material
  • Adjustable sponge padding to give your head an extra comfort
  • Gives your head excellent protection during outdoor activities
  • Loop panels all around to make your helmet look unique

Key Specifications

SizeHead circumference is about 52-64cm (20.5-25.2 inches)
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Available Color3
Recommended Uses ForCycling, Shooting, Hunting, Ballistic

Compared to the PTS MTEK Flux, the Autry Tactical helmet is half the price. In addition to the NVG mount, this model has side rails for carrying extra accessories.

It feels like I’m wearing something more premium for the cost since both ABS plastic and nylon materials have a little weight to them. The construction is also quite comfortable. I found that the helmet fitted my head more naturally initially, but it became even more comfortable with the added padding.

The padding perfectly contours my head. It looks fantastic for airsoft games, where I used it. The straps can also withstand my constant tugging for rugged use.

I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy the NVG mount is. This mount allows me to ride my Juggernaut with my GoPro securely attached. Also, I can use the side rails to attach other accessories, including a flashlight. Although the helmet came with easy-to-understand instructions, there were no directions for attaching the twisted pads. It must be done by someone else. 

Thanks to the nine pieces of sponge padding inside, you will feel more comfortable wearing this hat. The suspender straps and chin/neck pad can be adjusted for optimal fit. Therefore, it fits head circumferences between 52cm and 64cm (20.5-25.2 inches).

Loop panels around the helmet will allow you to personalize it with patches. A side rail connector on an accessory provides attachment points for quick attachment or release of accessories, such as flashlights, cameras, visors, headsets, etc.

In summary, it is a great head protector for airsoft, paintball, hunting, and tactical activities such as gun shooting. It can also be used when biking. Overall, the Autry Tactical Helmet is ideal for outdoor sports like airsoft and mountain biking. The ABS/Nylon materials and NVG mount make this helmet durable.


  • ABS plastic/nylon feels premium and hefty
  • Adapts to any head shape with its padding
  • Straps are strong enough to withstand constant tugging
  • It looks excellent when used as an airsoft headgear
  • The NVG mount keeps the GoPro firmly in place
  • Accessories, such as flashlights, can be mounted on side rails


  • Instructions are not provided by the manufacturer

7. DLP Ballistic Helmet – Best For Heavy Duty

DLP Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty nylon fiber shell with ANSI requirements for a significant impact protection
  • Adjustable Worm Dial Liner can fit into any skull size and shape
  • Removable, replaceable NVG amount lets the helmet gets mounted over any device
  • Oversized ventilation holes provide a maximum comfort

Key Specifications

Weight‎1 Kilogram
MaterialReinforced Nylon Fiber Polymer Composite
Available Color8
BrandDLP Tactical

A tactical helmet ATE bump design protects without sacrificing comfort with the Impax Extreme. Airsoft players and trainers love it because it’s lightweight and comfortable compared to its other helmet models.

The cam lock, straps, and buckle of this particular DLP Tactical model are almost identical to the Ops-Core helmet, which is pricier. My favorite accessories can be mounted on the rails along with a single night vision adapter. Furthermore, I found a variety of Velcro to fit different patch designs.

The best function of this helmet is to protect against light trauma. My head feels protected when I fall or take a blow from the heavy-duty nylon fiber shell. Knowing that it bears a CE safety rating made me feel even safer wearing this helmet.

Despite playing for long hours, this helmet doesn’t get uncomfortable and fits perfectly. The helmet can also be adjusted to fit large heads using a forceful adjustment on the knob, in addition to small heads. This allows me to mount a flashlight, so I can still see what I’m doing even when I have my hands complete.

The adjustable worm liners adjust to fit all sizes and shapes of skulls and provide maximum impact protection while maintaining comfort. Night Vision Goggles, cameras, and lights can be mounted on the helmet with the removable, replaceable NVG amount. Other helmet accessories can also be mounted on the ARC rails.

Enhance your helmet velcro with this mesh set, a Wing-Loc universal accessory mount adaptor for arc rails, an Arc rail Picatinny accessory mount adaptor, and an AR-15 universal mount bracket for NVG shroud, all included

free! This military bump helmet seems perfect in an airsoft game, training session, or mission that doesn’t require bullet resistance. However, there were no instructions regarding where the Velcro and padding should be placed inside the box. Overall, Impax Extreme meets the needs.


  • A lightweight and comfortable device for long hours of use
  • As expensive as Ops-Core military helmets
  • Compatible with night vision adapters, flashlights, and other accessories
  • It includes velcro patches for attaching and a CE label for safety
  • Protects light trauma from falls or blows with a heavy-duty nylon fiber shell
  • Easily adjusts to fit small and large heads


  • There is no instruction on how to position the padding and Velcro

8. HYOUT Ballistic Helmet – Best Lightweight

HYOUT Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Adjustable suspender straps with the chin/neck pad for a great fitting
  • Engineered from Velcro and plastic to letting it stay comfortable and lightweight
  • Offers an adjustable system with replaceable leather front, nape, and side pads for quick detachment
  • Compatible with most of the GoPro style mounts
  • An excellent helmet to be used for different outdoor activities

Key Specifications

Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
Available Color7
Recommended Uses ForCycling, Tactical, Hunting Shooting

A helmet like this one from HYOUT would be perfect for adventure sports. Despite all the padding, my head felt secure, and the chin straps can be adjusted for different head shapes thanks to four attachment points.

Throughout the helmet are also Velcro pads, which I use to attach my favorite patches. Several rails allow me to mount my GoPro cameras and lights. As a result, I had no problems fitting my goggles on the helmet, leaving no gaps for BBs to pass through.

With an NVG mount, this helmet makes a great night-hunting companion. While on the move, the NVG mount stays put. Further, I could also wear my M50 airsoft mask with this helmet without any problems.

The HYOUT MH-type helmet is designed for head circumferences between 22.04 and 24.00 inches. An adjustable chin/neck pad and suspender straps are also included. 

High-quality ABS engineering plastics, anti-seismic EPS plastic, Velcro, and nylon comprise HYOUT airsoft helmets. High-quality foam fills the interior of this helmet, making it lightweight and comfortable.

These headsets feature replaceable leather pads on the front, nape, and sides which detach easily to provide convenient donning and doffing. 

Mounts most of the GoPro NVGs seamlessly. Many accessories can be attached to side rails. Training, Search and Rescue, Climbing, Flying, Riding, Jumping, CS Airsoft, and Paintball Games are all possible with this mountain.

The instructions included in the package made it easy to assemble the pads and other parts. The entire construction seems solid, and it should protect you from head bumps well. I only received a few nicks and scratches when a rock was thrown at me.


  • Chin straps are used to customize the helmet’s fit; padding keeps the head secure.
  • Glory patches can be attached to Velcro pads.
  • Additional accessories, such as cameras and lights, can be attached to rails
  • BB pellets cannot penetrate the goggles because there are no holes
  • A full airsoft mask may fit in the NVG mount
  • While construction is solid
  • Comes with the easy-to-understand instructions


  • The retention system can just carry a limited weight

9. Lancer Ballistic Helmet – Best For Night Vision

Lancer Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Rear dial knob for the adjustment of head size
  • Side rails allow you the fitment of compatible accessories.
  • Velcro stickers will allow fitment of complete safety of lights and patches
  • The helmet shroud allows the fitment of different NVG mounts

Key Specifications

Weight2.1 Pounds
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Available Color2
BrandLancer Tactical

The Lancer Tactical helmet costs half as much as the PTS MTEK Flux. The model comes with side rails for carrying extra accessories in addition to the NVG mount.

Both ABS plastic and nylon materials have a little weight, so it feels like I’m wearing something more premium for the price. It’s also very comfortable to wear. At first, I found that it fitted my head more naturally. With the extra padding, the helmet became even more comfortable.

My head is perfectly contoured by the padding. I can also pull the straps constantly for rugged use. My favorite use was for airsoft games.

An extremely durable ABS plastic helmet for airsoft field use made of industrial-grade ABS. The Maritime Helmet is an accurate 1:1 replica, down to the accessory functions.

On the nape of the helmet adjustment crown, you can adjust the size of the helmet with the rear dial knob. Quick Detach helmet straps will keep your helmet securely in place even when hurrying or performing strenuous tactical maneuvers.

An embedded Night Vision mount is ideal for affixing an existing Night Vision system or adding a replica for aesthetics. Easily accessible, the Bungee Retention Cord secures your devices securely.

If you’re looking to add a tactical flashlight to your gear or ensemble, then the Side Helmet Rail System is precisely what you need. Goggles clips will hold them in place when you run, jump, and set out on a skirmish.


  • Toggle size adjustment of head
  • Embedded night vision mount
  • Best for outdoor sports
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Available with goggle clips to hold the helmet in one place


  • Not suitable for small heads

10. ActionUnion Ballistic Helmet – Best For Money

ActionUnion Ballistic Helmet Review

Key Features

  • ANSI-compliant nylon shell provides excellent impact protection
  • A worm dial liner that can be adjusted to fit any size or shape of the skull
  • This helmet can be mounted over any device because its NVGs are removable and replaceable
  • Large ventilation holes give it a comfortable fit

Key Specifications

Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
Outer MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Available Color4

The Impax Extreme in this helmet is equipped with an ATE bump design that protects without sacrificing comfort. Lightweight and comfortable, it’s a favorite among airsoft players and trainers.

Almost identical to the Ops-Core helmet, this particular Tactical model has the same cam lock, straps, and buckle. A single night vision adapter can be mounted with my favorite accessories on the rails. Moreover, I found a variety of Velcro to fit a variety of patches.

Light trauma is the best protection provided by this helmet. As a result of the heavy-duty nylon fiber shell, I feel protected from falling or getting hit. After learning that it bears a CE safety rating, I felt even safer wearing this helmet.

The helmet does not get uncomfortable even after playing for long hours. A forceful adjustment on the knob can adjust the helmet to fit both large and small heads. It allows me to mount a flashlight, so I can still see what I’m doing, even when I have my hands complete.

They provide maximum impact protection while maintaining comfort, as the adjustable worm liners can be adjusted to fit all shapes and sizes of skulls.

A removable, replaceable NVG amount can mount Night Vision Goggles, cameras, and lights on the helmet. ARC rails can also be used to mount other helmet accessories.

This mesh set offers an AR-15 universal mount bracket for NVG shroud, a Wing-Loc universal accessory mount adaptor for arc rails, as well as an Arc rail Picatinny accessory mount adaptor, all of which are free!

It did not appear that there were instructions on how to place the Velcro and padding inside the box. It seems perfect for airsoft games, training sessions, and missions that don’t require bullet resistance.


  • A lightweight and comfortable device for long hours of uses
  • Compatible with night vision adapters, flashlights, and other accessories
  • Protects light trauma from falls or blows with a heavy-duty nylon fiber shell
  • Easily adjusts to fit small and large heads


  • There is no instruction on how to position the padding and Velcro

Things to consider while buying Best Ballistic Helmets- Buyer’s Guide   

Many military services require heavy-duty ballistic helmets (and for a good reason). Still, bump helmets are a less expensive and less fiddly alternative that might be more useful every day. To make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money and the fitting tactical helmet for your needs, whatever the situation, keep these things in mind when purchasing a tactical helmet.

Before purchasing a level 4 ballistic helmet, you may want to consider your budget, safety, and comfort.

1. Weight

Your needs will determine the weight of your helmet. The helmets we tested are all extremely light compared to previous models, but some are noticeably lighter than others.

A lighter helmet usually comes at a cost, less protection. When you reduce the helmet’s weight, the deformation of the back-face and the blunt impact numbers increase. Hence, it is usually possible to achieve the same resistance to penetration with a lighter helmet!

Ballistic helmets may provide some extra protection, but anyone who has worn one for over ten hours and walked more than ten kilometres to reach their destination knows that every ounce counts. Especially in this situation, lighter-weight helmets will let you focus on your task rather than cursing every step.

2. Retention System

We tested helmets with various retention systems. There are two basic types of retention systems. A construction helmet has an adjustment dial at the back; the other does not. Adjustment dial systems allowed for greater comfort. The downside is that they require more space in the helmet.

We tested four different chin-strap systems, including the X-nape, the H-nape, the H-Harness, and the Cam-Lock. The helmet design affected how well these worked, while others didn’t achieve enough adjustment. In more recent ACH/MICH helmets, the H-Harness was the worst.

3. Helmet Pads

After more than 5 minutes of wearing a ballistic helmet for the first time, finding the most comfortable helmet pads becomes critical. Older helmets have uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous pads.

Additionally, too hard, too thin, or even too soft helmet pads can increase the possibility of brain damage from an impact, along with the usual hot spots, headaches, and fatigue.

4. Budget

A high-cut type of best ballistic helmet with a face shield can usually be purchased for $200 to $1500 depending on the model. If you don’t care about the expiration date, you might be able to find a used helmet for much less.

Generally, a tested helmet that meets all safety regulations costs $400 or more, and a lightweight, higher-end helmet costs $1000 or more.

For high-cut helmets costing $200-$300, the tested companies could not produce any test data beyond one resistance to penetration test. Invest if you are ready for it!

How have we tested ballistic helmets?

You will often hear about these three types of helmets when it comes to the design or shape of a modern military or police helmet: PASGT, MICH/ECH/LWH, High-Cut, FAST®, and Above the Ear.

A helmet’s performance is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing it. The NIJ did not test each of our review helmets, but any company that provides detailed testing reports should be able to do so.

As part of our helmet-testing process, we randomly batch test each helmet in-house, and we send helmets to a 3rd party NIJ lab every year for these tests that we consider essential.

  • (9mm, 357, and .44 magnum) Resistance to Penetration (NIJ Level IIIA according to NIJ Standard 0106.01 / 0108.01)
  • Deformation of the back surface: 9mm (1400 fps) BFD: Average less than 25mm (front/back/crown/sides)
  • A performance measure of fragmentation with a 17gr V50 bullet is 2400 feet/second (731 m/s).
  • Typical Blood Impact Performed by Plants over 14 drops: Less than 150g on average.

Some other tests that should be included along with those above include compression tests and even element testing (hot, cold, wet, salt). It is important to remember that the NIJ does not certify helmets like they do body armor, so it is your responsibility to inspect the test results to ensure the helmet meets your needs!

Your needs will determine the weight of your helmet. Compared with earlier helmets, all of our tested helmets are incredibly light, but some are notably lighter than others.

A lighter helmet usually comes at a cost, less protection. In general, lighter helmets can provide the same level of penetration resistance, but the back-face deformation and blunt impact numbers increase as the weight is decreased.

What’s the difference between bump vs. ballistic helmets?

A fatal mistake can be made when distinguishing between bump and ballistic helmets. You will know exactly which one you have in your hand as soon as you take either one in your hand.

Ballistic helmets, or bulletproof helmets, are designed to protect a person’s head from bullets, shrapnel, and other fast-moving projectiles. Even though there isn’t anything genuinely bulletproof, an armored helmet is resistant to bullets and not a shield to shield you against all bullets.

It is essential to know that there is no bulletproof helmet that is 100% impenetrable. Therefore, don’t buy a bulletproof helmet in hopes that it will protect you against all kinds of weapons and ammunition.

As a result, bump helmets are significantly lighter than ballistic helmets because they don’t have a layer of aramid ballistic protection. Usually, the fastenings won’t be as intricate to be visually discerned.

Helmets designed to protect the wearer against shrapnel and falling debris are known as bump helmets. Moreover, they can mount NVGs, hearing protection, and communication systems.

 Bump helmets are not designed to protect against gunfire of any kind. A bump helmet cannot stop bullets of any caliber. Their purpose is to protect from relatively slow-moving threats such as throwing rocks or debris falling or when the operator runs into a sharp or blunt obstacle.


We are sure that with our detailed guide on best ballistic helmet reviews, you can find the one suitable for you to stand on your budget and requirements. Do a bit of research which we have helped you by sharing the buying guide instructions to make your task easier to perform. Go for the best selection now and grab a great best ballistic helmet by your side!

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