Giro Isode MIPS Review – Hot Weather Cycling Partner

Bicycle helmets may appear conspicuous or plain tricky to wear, but they serve an essential purpose: they cover your head from catastrophic accidents when cycling. Accidents may happen in a single glance, no matter how proficient you believe you are at riding a bike.

As a result, most bikers choose to wear helmets when riding their motorcycles to be safe. Finding an excellent bike helmet can be a difficult task, but if you need one. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. The Giro Isode MIPS Cycling Helmet is your best bet, and this article has all its information. Let’s get started!

Giro Isode MIPS Cycling Helmet

Overview Giro Isode MIPS Cycling Helmet

Few brands jump to mind as readily as Giro whenever it concerns the most acceptable road bike helmets. Giro, founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes, invented the idea and led to the widespread use of cycling helmets in the competition before they were mandatory. Jim’s passion for cycling and design gave birth to the first Giro Prolight helmet.

It was grade at the era, with venting and aerodynamic qualities, lighter EPS-foam structure, and a mass-appealing design. It’s no wonder that Giro was an early supporter of MIPS technology, collaborating with MIPS to discover methods to make their headsets better and more pleasant to wear.

Giro’s Isolde is an excellent spending plan and entry-level alternative, whether you’re fresh to bike racing, more like a commuter, or don’t want to spend lots of money on the newest equipment. It’s the cheapest MIPS helmet in the line-up, and its straightforward design makes it adaptable to various circumstances.

It is available in one universal size and employs the Roc Loc Sport MIPS adjustment mechanism to help you obtain the proper fit. It also has luminous elements for low-light clarity, fast inside cushioning, a bug net to keep critters from your tresses, and a ratcheting lock for simple locking.

Key Specifications

ProtectionMulti-Directional Impact Protection System
ConstructionIn-Mold Polycarbonate
Fit SystemROC LOC
PaddingQuick Dry
Ventilation22 Vents
CertificationDOT Approved
LinerEPS liner
Recommended UseCycling

Features of Giro Isode MIPS Cycling Helmet

1. 22 Vents

The Isode features 22 vents in different placements. However, they don’t provide a particularly spectacular quantity of air. It’s unclear if this is due to their size or position, but it’s most likely a combination of the two. 

But these vents are enough to keep you ventilated during a hot sunny day. As the temperature has dropped to the low teens Celsius, in such conditions, it will undoubtedly do a better job of keeping the head cool, but if you exert too much effort, your head will sweat.

2. Bug Mesh

The insect mesh behind the front five valves is a beautiful touch. If you’ve ever been bitten by an enraged wasp caught in your helmet, you know it’s not a nice feeling — especially when you’re attempting to avoid traffic.

This simple remedy makes a significant difference in summertime riding, and it’s a wonder why more companies don’t incorporate it. But thankfully, this bicycle helmet includes an insect mesh to keep the critters away from stinging you while you are riding. Now, you can ride your bike without insects’ fear.

3. Latest MIPS Technology

The Giro Isode helmet features the most recent MIPS technology, which is impressive for a helmet at this price. You may have noticed the acronyms MIPS introduced to the label of several helmets in the last year or two, and if you don’t, let us elaborate.

In a collision, your head is subjected to two different forces: lateral and rotating. MIPS refers to the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. The small yellow tabs visible between the base and the helmet provide some bend – a slip zone if you will – to lessen the rotational pressures.

4. Affordable Price

MIPS is utilized in various safety equipment, and it’s great to see it accessible on helmets in this price range. In comparison to other helmets available, the Giro is pretty reasonably priced, but heading back to the Bell, it’s incredible what more you could get for your budget. The Bell costs $84.99 against $59.99 for the Giro, but for that additional $25, the Bell is a superior all-around product.

5. Ventilation

Although it has 22 vents to keep your head cool, it doesn’t provide as much ventilation as it should. In fact, this Giro Isode MIPS is quite average when it comes to ventilation. However, they do provide the necessary ventilation when the weather is pleasant.

6. Weight

Despite its low weight, some people say it feels heavy when you wear it. It’s not disclosed whether it’s the size or the weight that makes them feel like it. But helmets must be lightweight to keep the rider in their comfort zone for the rest of the ride.

Pros and Cons of Giro Isode MIPS


  • Impressive MIPS Technology
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Excellent Impact Protection


  • It might feel heavy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Giro Isode MIPS last?

Giro Isode MIPS lasts around five to ten years on average. However, it can last up to a lifetime with proper care. But it is recommended to change your helmet after every three to four years.

Does Giro Isode MIPS fit differently?

MIPS, in general, makes the helmet feel smaller that helps it fit in your head correctly. However, Giro has used some patches between the foam to fit correctly in your head. So, yes, Giro Isode MIPS fits a little differently than others.


The Giro Isode MIPS Cycling Helmet is a good option if you want a bicycle helmet to feel safe while riding. It has an aesthetic design with several vents. The latest MIPS technology at such a low price makes it an appealing choice for riders around the world. So, buy this helmet today and start riding securely!

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