Bell Qualifier Helmet Review – Never Seen Before

Because your ECU is located within your mind, whether you’re riding a motorbike or not, it’s the most important item to maintain safety at all times. You don’t have to spend as much money as most of these to get a genuinely great helmet, but if our goal is to find the finest motorcycle helmet, we’ll have to dig a bit further into our pockets.

Keep in mind that the essential factor in determining which helmet is the best possible selection for each person is the fit. We are here to tell you that we have found one for you. It’s excellent, classy, and robust – the Bell Qualifier! Continue reading to learn about your next potential purchase in this Bell Qualifier Helmet Review!

Bell Qualifier Helmet Review

Bell Qualifier Helmet Overview

As one of the most prominent helmet manufacturers, Bell was founded in 1954 with all of its expertise in the car racing, cycling, and motorcycle arenas as the foundation for its business.

A corporation that stresses the quality of the materials above the appearance of the equipment gears the equipment for performance and ensures that it is nevertheless reasonably priced.

Bell is reliable and consistent in all aspects of service. It is unnecessary to be concerned about the product and whether or not it will provide what it claims if sufficient safety inspections and quality control methods are implemented.

Featuring the innovative Click-Release-TM technology, this full-face Bell Qualifier helmet allows riders to swap between visors in a concise amount of time. Helmets from Bell is unrivaled in the budget-conscious market for providing a gorgeous on-road experience while also ensuring safety and ease of comfort.

It has an ergonomic chin bar that enables you to listen in on talks with the pillion, thereby combining the features of both total and open-faced helmets in one.

Key Specifications

Shell/EPS3 Shell/3 EPS
ConstructionLightweight Polycarbonate/ABS
Communication SystemX
Shield SystemClick-Release
InteriorMicrofiber, Antibacterial
Washable, Removable LinerYes

Features of Bell Qualifier Helmet

1. Helmet Air Spacing

To complete long-distance bike rides, there are a few essential prerequisites. You can do several things to ensure that your helmet is comfortable during the trip. The strategically placed air vents on the Bell Qualifier helmet use dynamic flow technology to improve ventilation.

Exhaust ports are used to disperse hot air. Even though it’s pretty rare, the chin vent eliminates fogging. The internal cushioning of this helmet is another standout feature since it is readily removed and machine washable. It would help if you cleaned the inside of your vehicle every time you took a long trip or left it on for a lengthy time.

2. Helmet Protection

A helmet should be chosen based on its safety qualities more than its appearance so that accidents are less damaging. When it comes to reinforcing safety measures, Bell helmets are the go-to-choice.

The requirements of the DOT and ECE have been satisfied. Poly-carbonate (lightweight but incredibly robust) and ABS shell construction work together to provide a high level of security.

3. Helmet Visor

This helmet’s Visor is possibly its most important feature. It’s scratch-resistant, anti-fog, and blocks UV rays from reaching your eyes, thanks to the inclusion of NutraFog IITM. The helmet has a robust photochromatic visor that changes its color as the light changes around it.

If you ride any day or night, adaptable glasses are a must-have. There is no longer a need for separate visors for day and night; everything is included inside a single item.

You won’t have to stop the bike to sort things out since there aren’t any sophisticated systems. It reduces stuttering and gives a clear view of the road when you reach new speeds on your bike.

4. Helmet Wind Collar

Bell also created a cushioned wind collar as a noise-canceling padding component. When you’re out riding, it’s easy to become distracted by the noises around you. This may put your safety at risk.

A wind collar may assist keep the rider cool and collected by reducing the amount of wind and road noise that reaches them. Listen to the crucial noises that may aid your efforts to keep yourself and other drivers out of harm’s way while driving.

5. Helmet Padding & Cushioning

This piece of equipment is a fantastic match for your face. After a few usages, the helmet’s padding conforms to your face, and the material prevents the helmet from rubbing against your skin.

Many brands utilize a variety of cheek pads to provide support, but the Bell Qualifier employs 3D laser-shaped cheek pads to ensure a perfect fit. The helmet’s speaker pockets let you take your headphones and music along for the ride.

6. Face Shield

While this may not be a massive problem for many, it still is a cause of concern for those starting. Many users have reported that the helmet’s face shield tends to open up on its own during heavy wind. This can potentially become a safety hazard for many.

7. Chin/Nose Guard

Well, not many would compromise on the safety of their face. This helmet, unfortunately, doesn’t have a chin and nose guard that can keep both of your face parts protected in the case of an accident.

Pros and Cons of Bell Qualifier Helmet


  • Incredibly Robust
  • Washable
  • Scratch-Resistant Visor


  • No Chin/Nose Guard

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Clean the Bell Qualifier Helmet?

Using a mild soap and water mixture and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, clean the area. Clean your helmet in the same way as you would your face.

It is not recommended that you clean motorcycle helmets using home cleaners, degreasers, or petroleum-based solvents. According to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines, the exterior shell, the face shield, inner liners, cushions, and materials should be cleaned.

Does the Bell Qualifier Helmet Reduce Noise?

Bell’s Qualifier helmet is our go-to helmet for those looking for value. It’s a fantastic all-around noise-canceling option that’s light and has an adjustable transitions visor as standard equipment. It was immediately apparent that the cushioned wind collar performed an excellent job of dampening road and wind noise.

Can I Add Extra Padding In My Bell Qualifier to Make It More Protective?

Another common modification is to include more cushioning in the Bell Qualifier helmet. Riders may also use earmuffs or a piece of fleece or foam inserted between their cheek pads or around their ears to block out wind and road noise.


It isn’t easy to find a helmet that meets all of your needs while keeping within your budget. Because of this, it’s easy to see why this Bell helmet is so popular among riders, as proved in this Helmet Review!

With all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a helmet at an unbelievable price, Full-face protection is what you get with the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet. We recommend this helmet to anybody who is looking for a new helmet.

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