Bell Bullitt Helmet Review – Best Noise Reduction Helmet

If you don’t wear a helmet, you’re going to get hurt in a motorbike accident, which is why they’re so crucial. Finding the proper size, shape, and type of helmet is essential but not always straightforward since no two heads are the same.

We’re here to make the process of selecting a helmet a bit easier. Personal experience, safety certificates, user ratings, and so much more go into making this Bell Bullitt Helmet Review so that you can shop with confidence.

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review

Bell Bullitt Helmet Overview

It’s no surprise that Bell is the #1 name in both speed and helmets. Bell founder Roy Richter established a whole business anticipating the unmet demands of folks with a speed-hungry temperament in the 1950s California hotter rod and racing culture.

Everyone wanted to drive fast, so he gathered all the go-fast components he could find and opened the world’s first speed store. He created racing vehicles for them since they wanted to race. And as the necessity for speed began to disclose certain terrible truths, Roy took action as well, and Bell Helmets was created.

The Bell Bullitt is a full-face vintage motorcycle helmet that Bell introduced in the 1970s. Inspiration for the Bell Star came from the company’s first racing helmet, the original Bell Star.

It has a fantastic vintage aesthetic, but it also has all the current features you would expect from a company like Bell. Let’s explore more in detail here, starting with the specifications of this great helmet!

Key Specifications

Shell/EPS3 Low-Profile Carbon Composite Shells
Communication SystemSpeaker Pockets
Shield SystemClick-Release
VentilationMetal Mesh Intake and Exhaust Vents
InteriorGenuine Leather
Washable, Removable LinerYes

Features of Bell Bullitt Helmet

1. Helmet Noise Reduction

When it comes to reducing wind noise, Bell has the most room for improvement. No, this isn’t a whisper-quiet hat. But there are a few ways to tailor it to your needs. The face shield was a convenient feature that could be placed but not always used for us.

This created the most significant wind noise (or anything north of 35-40mph). This helmet is ideal for those of us who appreciate the wind in our face while having the ability to lower the face shield in the event of rain or a passing dump truck blowing gravel at us.

Wind rips around the plastic shield’s seams and facial opening even when flipped down; thus, it’s still a concern. You may get an open-face experience with considerable wind noise reduction even without the shield in place.

2. Bullitt Strap & Padding

The cushioning on the straps is made from the same material as the liner, and it serves as an excellent barrier against the chin strap’s robust webbing. Because of this, we’re convinced that the strap won’t come free on its own.

Similarly, the heavier steel used in the double-D ring helps hold the strap in a place where you want it. A genuine leather pull tab on the D-ring makes it easy to release the clasp, even with gloves.

3. Bullitt Build Quality

We chose the Gloss Black coloring because of the high quality and consistency of the paint application. The brown leather and suede inside are stunning and nicely put together. Supple leather and perforated suede combine in this stylish bag.

Both materials complement each other in terms of color and texture. All of this serves as an excellent reason to maintain the inside of the vehicle clean and free of oil and debris. How long that enthusiasm lasts, we’ll have to wait and see. However, Bell says that the liner is “anti-bacterial” and washable and quick-drying.

4. Ventilation

Well, not everything is rosy in the end. The same is the case with this great Bullitt helmet. So far, the most complaints (and mind, you, there haven’t been many) heard about this helmet from the customers is that it offers ineffective and little ventilation. As bikers, we know ventilation is essential, and perhaps less ventilation might not be a point in the good books for you.

5. Gloss Finish

You want your helmet to last long. And you want it to maintain its stunning appearance as new as possible. However, the Bell Bullitt’s glossy black finishing is susceptible to scratching.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing this one hell of beauty, make sure to keep it away from scratchy materials that might leave marks on the helmet’s body.

Pros and Cons of Bell Bullitt Helmet


  • Reduce Wind Noise
  • Perfect Cushioning
  • Anti-Bacterial and Washable Liner


  • Gloss Finish Is Scratchable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The Bullitt Helmet Fit The Head Perfectly?

Because the shell’s design is a little Buzz Aldrin in idea, it will never fit as snugly as a racing helmet. It is more naturally fitted to a rounder-shaped skull, but if it is too loose around the cheeks, thicker cheek pads may be used to tighten the helmet down even more.

Is Bell Bullitt Helmet Safe to Ride With?

For riders, safety is the ultimate concern. Especially head safety. You don’t want any head injuries that can cause potential death or some life-long mental disability. So, to ensure that the Bullitt helmet not only has a robust construction but it is also 100% DOT and ECE approved, that makes it a go-to purchase for all the riders!

What Makes The Bell Helmets So Good?

Bell bicycle helmets are distinguished by several characteristics that make them a safe bet on the road. They use MIPS technology to protect your brain and skull from rotational stress. Aside from that, they are also light in weight, breathable, comfy, and secure.


For those prepared to spend little less than $450 in their pursuit of a classic, the Bullitt ticks all the requirements, as mentioned in this Bell Bullitt Helmet Review already! It’s pretty attractive, has a sturdy construction, and offers a plethora of color and personalization possibilities to allow you to make it your own.

Although the wind noise element is a little disadvantageous, workarounds are available. If you’re looking for that throwback style but don’t want to sacrifice quality, amenities, or extras, the Bullitt is undoubtedly something extraordinary to check out.

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