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Riding is one of the most aggressive sports that makes your blood pump and makes you forget everything. When you buzz through the trails and dangerous tracks, your passion soars even higher. The urge to go faster makes you paddle faster, and in those moments, you can think about nothing but succeeding.

While you get blinded by the passion for winning, you cannot put your safety at stake. The helmet genuinely plays an essential role in protecting you against serious injuries. Are you looking for the best helmet to add to your protective gear? Check out the Fox Rampage helmet review to learn about its best features and what it has to offer.

Fox Rampage Helmet Review

overview of Fox Rampage Helmet

Before talking about stunning helmet features, let’s talk a little about the brand. Fox Rampage is known for its MTB gear designs and affordability in the market. They design the best for harsh weather conditions, ensuring maximum user comfort.

On the other hand, Fox Rampage has full-face DH-certified helmets available, which you can choose from according to your needs. Whether you require a helmet for trail, track, enduro, or cycling, Fox Rampage has some attractive options. 

They have provided seamless protective gear to some of the best bikers in the world, like Loic Bruni. Fox Rampage not only equips you from top to bottom to enhance your performance but also alleviates your comfort and style.

Consequently, Fox Rampage also pays attention to their design and ensures their helmets have an aggressive touch to make you look stylish. Overall, the brand is a mixture of comfort and style at an affordable price.

Now that we know about the brand let’s have a brief overview of the helmet. If you like aggressive-style and colorful helmets, Fox Rampage helmets might be the ones you are looking for. The DH-certified helmets do provide not only seamless protection but also adequate ventilation during the ride.

The helmet’s frame is perfect for uphill and downhill riding. It is cheaper than most drop lid helmets but undoubtedly meets high-end quality standards. The mesh vent screen on the helmet is ideal for providing an ample amount of ventilation while still keeping dirt and debris away.

We love the injection-molded ABS shell as it is lightweight and made to enhance a user’s comfort to the maximum level.

Key specifications

ProtectionInjection-Molded ABS Shell
ConstructionAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Inner MaterialMesh
CertificationDH Certified
Recommended UseRacing

Features of Fox Rampage Helmet

The Fox Rampage pro carbon helmets have been around the market and a typical user choice for a while. If you are looking for helmets, Fox Rampage helmets are a good fit for the following reasons:

1. Seamless design

Comfort and style, when merged, make a winning combination. The DH-certified Fox Rampage helmet has an aggressive style that will make you look your best while riding. It has three styles to choose from, Rampage, RPC, Rampage comp. It was one of the helmets used in the DH series and UIC world cup. Hence, you can tell how durable and stylish these helmets are as one of the expert choices.

2. Comfort

Comfort is another factor that makes the Fox Rampage helmet one of the ultimate user choices. The inner part of the helmet is lined with a soft material that feels super soft against the skin.

The adjustable visor helps you quickly tighten the helmet, and the strap does not cause any discomfort to your chin area. The vents on the outside and the mesh lining within the helmet allow air to flow through. The soft material on the inside is not the densest, but it helps soak up excess sweat.

3. Protection Against Accidents

If we talk about the fundamental functionality of the helmet, it is pretty durable and sturdy. It has a MIPS protection system that is proven to minimize the impact during crashes. The injection-molded ABS shell may be lightweight, but it has the potential to protect your head in case of a nasty fall.

The D-ring closure and adjustable visor both work exceptionally well to enhance your comfort level while riding. It ensures that everything is tight and in place when you are bussing through aggressive trails.

4. The Closure Styles

The helmet’s drop-down lid enhances your performance and ordinary dirt jump biking to a whole new level. The helmet is inspired by podium pro rampage, which alleviates comfort and levels up the protection.

The mesh screen on the front helps protect your eyes from dirt and debris so that you can focus better on riding. Overall, the helmet has unique styles that make you look good and provide optimal protection while riding.

5. Paint

The helmet looks very stunning and vibrant due to its dazzling color. However, it lacks a clear protective coat on the top. Hence, the paint chips off very quickly if you drop the helmet or have a fall. The helmet will not look new after using it a couple of times. So, it would help if you kept your expectations low.

6. Weight

Since the helmet provides ample protection in harsh conditions and during a fall, it is a little heavier. The inner padding is a little dense, restricting the air from flowing through easily. However, you have to compromise on a few things if you want extra protection.

Pros and Cons of Fox Rampage Helmet


  • Durable and Stylish
  • Excellent Adjustable Visor
  • Optimal Protection


  • Paint may chips off

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How heavy is Fox Rampage helmet?

The Fox Rampage helmet weighs 36.8 ounces which is not highly heavier but slightly uncomfortable for extended wear.

Is Fox Pro frame DH certified?

Yes, All Fox Rampage helmets are DH certified and best for professional riding championships.

Does the Fox Rampage helmet have MIPS?

The Fox Rampage helmets have a MIPS low friction layer as it is a specialized technology to protect the brain. Professional riding championships must ensure maximum protection.


The Fox Rampage helmets are ideal for users looking to invest in good-quality protective gear at an affordable price. It provides excellent value for money, and it is DH certified, which is a plus point.

We love that it has MIPS technology for significant protection against falls and ample ventilation during riding. We hope the Fox Rampage helmet review helped you make up your mind.

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