How Much Does A Football Helmet Cost? Mind Blowing Facts

Both budget-friendly and costly football helmets are available in the market. A football helmet cost around 700 dollars, and some models fall in the price bracket of 300 to 500 dollars. This is their estimated price figure.

The price might go higher if you have invested in a hi-fi brand, and the price will go lower if you have capitalized on cheaper brands. It is generally assumed that certified helmets are reliable to buy. Though they are expensive but works far better than traditional helmets! You can forward us your opinions any time and go through the remaining details:

How much does a football helmet cost

The average price of Football Helmets

As mentioned above, the estimated price of a football helmet remains around 700 dollars. And a few of the models fall in between the price bracket range of 300 to 500 dollars. On the other hand, NFL helmets remain retailed and available at less than $100, and some even go over $500.

Most importantly, the price of NFL helmets depends on their style, size, and also color. In addition, the cost depends on the kind of materials used during its manufacturing. If your helmet remains packed with extra advanced safety features, its price will be high. However, helmets accompanied by standard and basic features are comparatively reasonably priced and budget-friendly.

The availability of low-priced Football Helmets

These days, buying a football helmet will not break your bank accounts. Lots of cost-friendly and economical models are there that you can try out. These low-priced models are lightweight, have a polycarbonate shell, and are injected with TPU cushioning technology.

They endorse giving better impact protection at a low price tag. Their inner shells get equipped with comfort liners so that the whole helmet conforms to your head comfortably and end up giving you a tailored and customized fit. Besides, the low-priced helmets feature a Patented Side Impact Protection system to reduce the adverse effects of shocks and impacts.

Football sport and helmets – their relation goes hand in hand

Football is a physically challenging sport, and playing it without putting on a helmet is so much risky for your life. It has become mandatory for the players to wear a helmet whenever they are in the playground. This safety gear ensures the safety and protects their head and neck if they clash with their fellow players.

It does not matter the cost of these helmets; you should buy and put them on while playing such physically challenging sports. In these kinds of action-packed sports, the risk of head and neck injuries becomes double.

To all young and expert athletes, it is you who can make these action-packed sports super safe to play. And that seems possible if you wear a helmet. They give the best head protection. Let us all see further details on their price and which factors affect their price bracket.

Which factors affect the price of Football Helmets?

Various factors are there that affect the price of football helmets. The latest models of helmets undergo loads of performance and safety tests, and this practice usually makes their price higher. Rest, the presence of TPU cushioning, inflatable liners, certifications, and a quick-release system has increased the price of this safety gear in recent times.

1. TPU Cushioning or using regular foam padding affects the pricing bracket

Football helmets packed with TPU cushioning remain priced higher than the helmets infused with traditional foam padding. Expensive models have TPU cushioning because it is better and ideal for absorbing shocks and impacts.

Such padding distributes impact forces, and your facial features remain protected during intense playing sessions. In addition, TPU cushioning makes you feel more relaxed and do not heat your head. It is further encased with anti-bacterial and 100% anti-fungal properties.

2. Inflatable liners increase the price of Football Helmets

Another reason to increase the price of football helmets is that the latest models are now injected with inflatable liners. You can call them airliners. Moreover, this lining lets you adjust and position the helmet according to your shape and size. It eliminates the need to buy thicker or thinner padding separately. If you have decided to buy a helmet that comes with inflatable liners, it will be a bit expensive.

3. Quick-Release System increases the price of helmets

The advanced football helmets function on the quick release system. The addition of this feature has made the helmets high-priced. Besides, the induction of a quick-release system helps you take off the helmet any time by simply pressing the button. Traditional and old models lack this system, which is why they were low-priced.

4. Certified helmets are Expensive

Lastly, certified helmets remain on a higher price tag bracket. If you have chosen the helmet approved and tested by the National Operating Committee for Sports Equipment and comes with a seal “Meets NOCSAE Standard,” its purchasing value will be higher. Helmets that are not certified and tested NOCSAE are least preferable by the sports players. The lack of certification decreases their quality scale and reliability value.


Thus, based on the factors mentioned above, football helmets’ price bracket fluctuates. Do not worry about their expensive tags, and make sure to wear a helmet whether you are playing this sport at the defensive or offensive position.

It does not matter how much experience you have in this sport, and you believe that you do not need this safety gear; in this case, you are entirely wrong! You need a helmet that comes with a closed cage facemask. This design guarantees maximum protection without limiting the field of vision.

If you are playing at the wide receiver position, try getting a helmet encased with an open cage facemask. This will give you a better view. Feel free to share what kind of football helmets you have and their price ranges! Stay connected and tuned with us because there is still more to come on helmets.

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