Shoei GT Air 2 Review – Should You Buy One?

Your life safety matters a lot, and you can increase your safety and security by wearing a helmet whenever you go on a bike! Here we have arrived with the Shoei GT-Air II Helmet review, and you can see what makes this safety gear special and the safest to be used.

This one is a full-face helmet, and the brand is known for making super-classy, durable, and world-class safety-designed helmets. In addition, this reviewed model is the lightest, SNELL approved, and also most compact. If you think that your current helmet cannot properly protect your head and neck, try the Shoei GT-Air II Helmet right now.

It will definitely take your life safety to another level. No doubt, the brand has gained maximum support and praise for making premium bike helmets. They have hundreds of loyal customers who have backed their models. And this reviewed model belongs to their world-class helmet line.

Shoei gt air 2 helmet review

Overview of Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet is a reliable pick that you should go for ensuring safety during impact, falls, or accidents. Most importantly, it is state of art technologically designed helmet. The induction of the aerodynamics approach has made it a more popular and trustworthy safety gear.

It is proven that it has been meticulously crafted. It does not fall off during accidental situations, fully protects you’re your head and neck muscles, and promises high-speed stability. The loyal customers have fully supported this model because it reduces negative and rotational forces and makes sure to guard your head no matter how hard you fall during the ride.

It will definitely not limit your performance on race day, which is for sure! To all street bikers and racers out there, it is a reliable recommendation for you. On the other hand, it gives outstanding ventilation performance. It is designed exclusively and specifically for racing environments.

Your head will not get hot while wearing it up because its ventilation mechanism ensures a cool environment and you will get the next-level and premium ventilation performance. Most importantly, its shield system will give you enough field of vision. The face shield protects your eyes and face from UV rays and distortion-free view.

Key Specifications

Vehicle TypeCruiser, Street Bike
DesignStylish and Functional
Helmet TypeFull-Face Helmet
Sun ShieldInternal Sun Shield
Face ShieldCNS-1 Face Shield
USPAerodynamic Shell Design
Padding3-D shaped Center Padding

Features of Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

The catchy part is that this brand has more than 60 years of experience making world-class and super-safe bike helmets. You can try out Shoei GT-Air II Helmet and let us know your reviews. They have always designed helmets that ensure safety during riding and passed through the modern testing practices at the same time.

There is no quality issue, and you can undoubtedly buy this Shoei GT-Air II Helmet. Sophisticated manufacturing processes make them more durable and guarantee head and neck protection during shocks and falls.

1. GT-Air II Design and included with internal sun shield

An excellent design approach is encased in this reviewed model. This design concept was introduced in 2013, and till now, it has been hugely praised and appreciated by the riders. This one is a premium and touring full-face helmet recommended to you. In addition, it includes an internal sun shield that makes this safety gear lot more functional and stylish.

2. CNS-1 face shield and completely installed with a baseplate system

The Shoei GT-Air II Helmet comes with a CNS-1 face shield and is fully installed with a baseplate system. Your face guarantees to remain 100% protected in case of falls and shocks experienced during accidents. The “cracked open” position of the face shield reduces fogging. You can even see that all-new and QSV-2 inner sun shield gives 360-degree coverage to your face in bright sunny conditions.

3. Shell Molding Technology

The brand has surrounded the helmet with shell molding technology. Besides, the injection of advanced integrated matric and shell molding mechanism makes the rider safe during biking. These interwoven layers and organic fibers construction brings maximum strength and functionality. In addition, the rider finds this helmet super lightweight to wear.

4. Thoroughly Inspected

One of the primary reasons that encourage riders to buy this Shoei GT-Air II helmet; it is thoroughly inspected. Before this safety gear gets launched in the market, it is fully tested and inspected, and its thickness and weight are also passed through various tests. The robotically controlled lasers give the final look and shape to the helmet.

5. Premium Painted Finished Helmet

Riders have loved this helmet’s design, looks, and graphics side. It is premium painted finished, guarantees optimal quality, and is further protected with loads of layers of clear coating. Five layers of paint are injected to maintain the quality for years and years.

6. Offer Excellent Fit and Comfort

Lastly, the Shoei GT-Air II Helmet provides excellent fit and comfort. It is available in many sizes, and you will not have difficulty getting the exact size. The brand offers industry and market-leading shell sizes, liner sizes, and cheek padding to ensure customizable fit.

They have made helmets for all head sizes and shapes. Thus, order it now because ground-breaking components are present. The 3-D shaped center padding, exclusive dry interior system, and replaceable liner system have made a catchy suggestion.


  • Excellent Functionality and Performance
  • CNS-1 Face Shield
  • Aerodynamic Shell Design


  • Pretty Expensive


That is all about the Shoei GT-Air II Helmet review; you can give us your feedback if you have tried out the helmets of this brand. Shoei GT-Air II Helmets show lightweight construction, packed with Polycarbonate/ABS shells and padded with a wind collar that drastically reduces road noise. Your riding time will certainly become the safest and super secure because you have put on this safety gear. Stay tuned for more updates.

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